Ministry of Freedom Review & Bonus

You are already aware of the many ways through which you can make money online. Affiliate marketing happens to be the most consistent and popular method of earning big right in front of your computer. Affiliate marketing involves a marketer making some arrangements with a seller to promote or sell certain products. Upon successful leads and purchases, the marketer earns a commission.

Affiliate marketing is arguably the easiest way to make money online for anyone, but that does not always happen. Some join only to quit without even making a coin from the hassle. If you fall into this category, lucky for you that the Ministry of Freedom by Jono Armstrong is available. Wondering what that is? This is basically a program developed by Jono Armstrong, one of the few marketers who struggled with affiliate marketing till they cracked the nut. This Ministry of Freedom review will precisely tell you all you need to know about the program, essentially, both sides of the coin.

Let’s get started…

About the Ministry of Freedom

Ministry of Freedom is a coaching program to help online marketers make a sizeable income from their online promotional campaigns. Ministry of Freedom by Jono Armstrong features nine modules typically studied in nine weeks. Once you enroll in the program, you learn one module per week.

The modules are designed to explain and demystify affiliate marketing by going more in-depth on every aspect of the respective modules. In this Ministry of Freedom review, we are going to see what every module entails. You’ll notice that Jono’s sole goal is to share all the fine details around affiliate marketing so that your online venture may be fruitful. The modules cover both organic and paid marketing strategies. There’s undoubtedly a spot for everyone.

Wondering how authentic the program is? Rest assured that Jono, just like most of us, started as an unsuccessful marketer. Still, his persistence and curiosity suddenly skyrocketed him to be among the top 1% affiliate marketers and now a trainer. And since Jono worked his way up, learning from him is essential for every beginner in this field. You might be facing a challenge that makes you think that you’re too dumb, but what if you found out that the Ministry of Freedom by Jono Armstrong was founded on those same challenges?

With hands-on experience around internet marketing, Jono knows what is and what is not workable. Through the program, he helps users understand the new methods that will surely boost their success, so you do not start with stuff that is already obsolete.

It is a fact that this program has helped a lot of affiliate marketers, with some making up to $1 million in annual profits. This should already rouse some interest in the course if you really are considering affiliate marketing. Let’s now look at the program’s features, so you get a glimpse of what you’re buying.

Ministry of Freedom Features and Benefits

Module 1: Mindset, Commitment, and Success

This is the first week’s module of the program. All that is covered here is pretty simple but lays the foundation for the other modules. This module prepares your mind for what you’re about to learn. Money making is not an easy affair. That’s why Jono teaches you the right mindset for making money online.

Just like mastering any other skill, commitment is key to success. Jono also highlights the importance of remaining committed to your course if you expect significant success in this online venture.

There is an organic module, which is an extension of the first week. The extension shares the tactics of generating organic traffic from google and youtube. These are the tactic that Jono himself uses to rack up organic traffic.

Module 2: Tools and Applications

This module corresponds to week two of the training. At this point, the Ministry of Freedom teaches you the tools and applications that you need for success. Since one of the critical areas in affiliate marketing is email marketing, you’ll learn about tools like email autoresponders. These are mostly free or cheap tools, which makes them suitable for absolute beginners.

Module 3 and 4: Launch Jacking

This part consumes the third and fourth weeks. In this module, you’ll be taught about launch jacking. This is simply a way to find new products about to launch and then review them before other reviews flood the market.

This works by attracting many people looking for information about such a product to your site.

Don’t be skeptical about this. This technique has been tried by Jono himself and yielded great success- adopt it and see your affiliate marketing skyrocket. As told by Jono, this is where his success story started. He could pocket between $700 and $1000 in a single day with this technique. Since he’s an expert already, his students make a little lesser but still an impressive figure- $500+ a day.

Module 5: Advanced Launch Jacking

In module 3 & 4, the basic launch jacking is taught. In this module, the Ministry of Freedom course reviews the basics and delves deeper into the technique. Here, you learn more that is not taught in weeks 3 and 4 and a few hacks and tricks to make the method yield results for you.

Module 6: Soft Launching

This is where Jono teaches you how to curate appealing products that generate lots of leads. A soft launch may be a new idea for many people, so leveraging it will surely give you an upper hand.

Module 7: Email Marketing

Email marketing is among the significant pillars of affiliate marketing. Jono ensures to teach you how to utilize email marketing to your advantage. Here, you learn the proper ways of promoting products via email and other critical things to your business’s success.

You know that this guru Jono has tried many things regarding email marketing. He knows what works and what doesn’t work. You are thus at a significant advantage leaning from the expert.

Module 8: Product Launching

Product launch may waste all of your efforts if done wrongly. Rest assured here that Jono Armstrong, a top-notch affiliate marketer is a person to learn from. In this module, he teaches techniques that will guarantee the success of your product launch. These tips will also ensure you reap maximum profit from the launch.

Jono Armstrong, a successful marketer who has successfully launched a couple of hundred products, is your best bet at learning how you can similarly make a successful and profitable product launch.

Module 9: Paid Traffic

Jono Armstrong is a learner too. He spent a whopping $70,000 on learning about paid advertising. In this module, Jono shares what he learned. This includes the right methods of employing paid ads across various platforms. This is the way to drive targeted traffic right to your affiliate site or system.

Jono happens to be one of the generous guys at it. By this, I mean letting you follow on his ad campaign. This is like a money-making tutorial.

As promised earlier, there is the up and the downside of everything. Below is Jono Armstrong’s Ministry of Freedom’s pros and cons.


* You do not need special skills or prior experience to make this program work for you—just commitment and practice.

* Unlike those jobs where you need an office, you can work from any location so long as you have internet and a personal computer.

* Empowerment to work from anywhere means you can spend more time with friends and family. You even get to choose when to work.

* On enrolling for this program, you are given a full year of networking and 24/7 guided support.

* You also get three live sessions in a week—this a handsome offer from someone who has already done so much for you.

* You do not need to make any product yourself. The training program equips you with skills that dwarf many marketers who deal with their own products.

* The mentorship program is very easy to grasp and implement.

* The results are usually immediate. You’ll start raking in thousands of dollars even before the mentorship program ends.

* Jono will send you affiliate sales after every 10 days, should you take action after the program. This is another distinguishing attribute of this trainer.


* The near $2,000 fee for the program may not be very affordable for everyone.
* This program is certainly not for anyone not willing to put in the necessary effort.


This review of Ministry of Freedom majors on what the program offers and how it is structured. The modules discussed here do not represent everything that happens during the sessions.

There is a lot in place there, and that’s why hardly no one completes the mentorship program only to abandon affiliate marketing later.

If you want to make affiliate marketing one of your primary income sources, you should definitely take up the Ministry of Freedom training program. Whether you’re a beginner or an established marketer, this mentorship program will surely give your income a boost. This is the path to the financial freedom you’ve been yearning for all along.